Tech Bulletin for ProAGPLUS

Starter for Farmall M and H,  Super W4,  W6, W9 and others.

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Engine c152, c163, c248, c264, c335

The stock 6 volt starter is Lester 4132. (2 bolt) with stud (push button)

Delco 1107427, 1107448  

This is a 2 bolt starter,         this is a stud terminal starter.

IF you see a seller or store selling a starter and you can see the drive spring – this indicates it is a light weight drive and designed for 6 volt. The drive for the 12V application is completely enclosed, and the spring is not visable thru the drive end housing.

The part number for the drive when using this Starter in a 12 volt application is the SDR5022.

The normal 4-121 drive included in the 4132N units are  NOT designed for 12 volt torque and speed, and voids warranty as it stretches the spring and cause drive to remain engaged after the engine starts; especially with good batteries and connections / cables.
4  We sell the 12V drive and will list it separately as the 12V drive for 4132N, if you wish to install yourself.

4132N12V   is our part number for the 4132N starter with the updated drive and will work best for 12 volt conversions.

We do have the 3 bolt for the MTA’s and others available: 4406N + solenoid.

And we do have the tab style starter available also:            4033N + solenoid
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