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OEM(s):Denso, John Deere
Family:Denso R
Power:7.5kW / 10.05HP
Starter Type:OSGR
Number of Teeth:11
Gear OD:1.551in / 39.4mm
Mtg Ear 1 Hole:11.9mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 2 Hole:11.9mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 3 Hole:11.9mm Unthreaded
Warranty:1 Year
Application:John Deere Applications with 350 & 450 Series Engines
Weight:23.96 lbs / 10.89 kg
Reference Numbers

DensoTG228080-9151, 228000-9151
PIC Picture ID190-6363
John DeereRE504245, RE506103, RE537519, RE539695, RE548693, SE502559, SE502823


John Deere Agricultural Tractor
7230R JD PT 6.8L 230HP Dsl. 2011-2013
7250R JD PT 6.8L 250HP Dsl. 2011-2014
7270R JD PT 6.8L 270HP Dsl. 2011-2014
7290R JD PT 9.0L 290HP Dsl. 2014-2015
8245R JD PT 9.0L 245HP Dsl. 2010-2015
8270R JD PT 9.0L 270HP Dsl. 2010-2015
8295R JD PT 9.0L 285HP Dsl. 2009-2015
8320R JD PT 9.0L 320HP Dsl. 2010-2015
8320RT JD PT 9.0L 320HP Dsl. 2010-2015
8345R JD PT 9.0L 345HP Dsl. 2010-2015
8345RT JD PT 9.0L 345HP Dsl. 2010-2015
8370R JD PT 9.0L 370HP Dsl. 2014-2015
8370RT JD PT 9.0L 370HP Dsl. 2014-2015

John Deere Articulated Dump Truck	
250D II 6-549 Diesel 2011-2014
300D II 6-549 Diesel 2011-2014

John Deere Combine	
S650 6-950 Diesel 2014-2015
S660 6-950 Diesel 2014-2015
S670 6-950 Diesel 2014-2015

John Deere Excavator	
380G LC JD PT 9.0L 271HP Dsl. 2012-2015

John Deere Grader	
670G JD 9.0L 155HP Diesel 2009-2013
670GP JD 9.0L 155HP Diesel 2009-2013
672G JD 9.0L 170HP Diesel 2009-2013
770D JD 6081H Dsl. 2009-2013
770G JD 9.0L 165HP Diesel 2008-2015
772D JD 6081H Dsl. 2009-2013
772G JD 9.0L 194HP Diesel 2009-2013
870D JD 6081H Dsl. 2009-2013
870G JD 9.0L 180HP Diesel 2009-2013
872D JD 6081H Dsl. 2009-2013
872G JD 9.0L 214HP Diesel 2009-2013 


Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 in